Definition of Pseudoscience

This is a collection of beliefs mistakenly attributed to the scientific method. The standard model of physics is riddled with such fantasies, from dark matter to superstrings in over a hundred dimensions. ECE is rigorously Baconian science, it is based directly on rigorously correct Cartan geometry and transforms into physics with a very small number of hypotheses. Similarly, Einstein transformed the second Bianchi identity of geometry into the 1915 field equation of physics. The philosophy is precisely the same, the geometry of ECE corrects that used by Albert Einstein, who invited my co author Jean-Pierre Vigier to be his assistant. So if ECE is whakoed by bilers as pseudoscience, so is Einstein. The troublemaker has been an anonymous gentleman hiding behind wikipedia. There seems to be only one left, turning out the same old cobblers, afraid of open debate, and afraid of historical accuracy. My feedback data shows that referrals from wiki about ECE theory, and to myself as a howling and illiterate druid born on a coal tip, collapsed nearly a decade ago. The wiki propaganda is well tagged and rejected. For example it been rolling out the same old barrel about violation of conservation of energy. There are hundreds of ECE proofs to the contrary. We are also told that an editor unpublished papers that had already been published. In fact the great editor Alwyn van der Merwe refereed each early paper in the UFT series at least twice, sometimes three times. Every one is now a classic, read tens of thousands of times. He was disgracefully attacked by e mail and his journal, “Foundations of Physics Lettes” destroyed, a disgusting low in physics. An attempt (actually by the obscure dogmatist ‘t Hooft) to “unpublish” material is illegal, it is a breach of contract. ‘t Hooft has no knowledge of the technicalities of ECE. One needs to be a virtuoso to really understand it, for example Horst Eckardt, Doug Lindstrom, other and myself of the AIAS / UPITEC institutes. The whakoes are tone deaf with two left hands, they would make Mozart sound like Howling Wolf. I am an old wolf myself – old Wolfsonian of Wolfson College Oxford, the City of Lost Howlers. My medals are currently archived there.

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