Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i Gareth Evans

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Happy new year to Gareth Evans, and my advice is to be careful with this bug. All our work is being read all over the world all the time, and there is an overwhelming consensus that ECE is the new physics. One is always going to get a few whako’s hiding behind anonymity and throwing up bile all over the internet, but that automatically puts them outside any scientific society. So just sit back and read anything you fancy, or listen to any essay broadcast. There is no problem in describing this three dimensional ring galaxy with m theory, which is a super powerful wolf, rigorously Baconian and correct, checked already hundreds of times. So this wolf is silent and contented, and does not produce howlers like the dogmatists. Any shape of galaxy can be described. This is possible entirely without the failed fiction of “dark matter”. In galaxies the Einstein theory fails totally, so does Newton. This was covered up fifty years ago and dark matter invented in a desperate reversion to empiricism. The system is equally desperately trying not to recognize ECE with a Nobel Prize.

On the mend after a nasty virus. All the best for 2019.

Progress moves on relentlessly. The three dimensional aspect of the ring galaxy attached is spectacular. I wonder how close the advanced theory could get to reproducing something like this (with available number crunching capability)?

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