Record Highs for in December 2018

There was a record high number of consultations of the ECE2 papers of 6,059 during the month (UFT313 to UFT425 at present). The previous records were 5,260 in September 2018 and 5,011 in November 2018. In January 2017 there were 1,200 consultations. So there has been an increase of almost 600% in two years. All the UFT papers and books are read all the time in essentially all the countries and territories of the world. There are currently about seven hundred UFT papers and books. There was also a record high interest in “Principles of ECE, Volumes One and Two” and its collected files. The ECE theory is rigorously correct Baconian physics. This means that the standard model of physics has been discarded as pseudoscience riddled with errors, adjustable parameters and deep obscurities.

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