Wikipedia Defamation Unanimously Rejected

This is the same defamation as appeared in 2005, and has been completely rejected by the international community. It still refers to energy from spacetime as energy from nothing, despite many rigorous demonstrations to the contrary. I think that defamation like this should be removed from the internet. In fact it has been countered and my true biography posted on the net. Wikipedia is run by volunteers who are often technically incompetent. Historical facts are severely distorted. As a result I can see from feedback that there is virtually no interest now in the defamation by Wikipedia. The Rossi e cat is still referred to as pseudoscience, despite the fact that it has been shown to be reproducible and repeatable many times over. I think that companies who protect reputation should be aware of the use of wikipedia for personal attacks. There ought to be a mechanism to get rid of defamation by Wikipedia, which is unreliable and which indulges in reputation attacks, and which never reads the work of scientists which it defames. It has been twelve or thirteen years since Wikipedia started these attacks, and its reputation has been shredded by an overwhelming international consensus against it. It is controlled by standard model dogmatists, who are allowed to write anything they like. Anything that is not standard model is branded as pseudoscience, without even reading the material that is being defamed.

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