Scientometrics for the blog of

The blog ( and sites ( and are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. The blog is my personal diary, which I make available for viewing. In 2018 it received 73,522 views, nearly a record high. There were views of the blog in 2018 from 129 countries led by U. S. Britain, Hong Kong, France, Canada,….. There was a very sharp increase in interest from the United States and Hong Kong, and a delta function increase in “likes” of postings in 2018. Over all time there have been 30,206 postings, or entries of my diary, and 545,824 views from 194 countries. There are 193 Member States of the United Nations and two Observer States. The sites and blog together are consulted from all the countries and territories of the world. There are some countries such as Taiwan who are blocked from the U. N. There are six countries who are currently not allowed into the U.N. There are also many territories, for example the United States administers sixteen territories. So there are well over two hundred countries and territories. It is very likely that there have been consultations of the work of AIAS and UPITEC from all of them when the two sites and blog are considered in combination over a number of years. The blog was started in 2000, and was started in 2002. Antarctica is divided up into territories, and there have been consultations of our work from the Amundsen Scott Base at the South Pole.

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