Scientometrics for 2018

This is a summary of scientometrics for 2018 by Sean MacLachlan and myself for and using Webalizer and WebLogs. Results from the two feedback programs are similar. I give a short glossary of terms and a summary. The glossary, which can be found online, shows that hits and distinct visits from spiders are discarded, so only actual, or human, hits and visits are recorded. One distinct visit can mean a large number of consultations within a default time interval of 30 minutes. This is the same for Webalizer and WebLogs. There is an overwhelming international consensus in all sectors that ECE is a valid and mainstream theory of natural philosophy. It is a rigorously Baconian theory, its mathematics are checked by computer hundreds of times, and it is compared with experimental data all the time. Large parts of the standard model on the other hand have become pseudoscience, many of its key concepts have been refuted endlessly but the dogmatists cover up the refutations, or hope that they will go away. This is fatal for their credibility and for their place in history. The ECE theory has been nominated over fifty times for the major prizes, including the Nobel Prize. Recognition is denied by the dogmatists in a wholly unscientific manner.


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