Happy New Year

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda a diolch yn fawr! Happy New Year and many thanks! Kerry Pendergast is my biographer in “The Life of Myron Evans”, (any good bookshop), and the recipient of the Royal Society Hauksbee Medal. He worked with Prof. J. O. Williams at the EDCL using the electron microscope to observe individual atoms. He appeared in the film “The Universe of Myron Evans” and became a leading astronomer. He paid a visit for two consecutive years with Steve Bannister of the University of Utah, and we saw the Trevithick steam engine. Anyone is welcome here any time. He has a microsccopic knowledge not only of atoms, but of all aspects of the first industrial revolution. We hope to develop the second industrial revolution described in Steve Bannister’s Thesis on www.aias.us. Happy New Year

Dear Myron,

Happy new year to yourself and our aias team and readership.

Amazingly, progress in 2018 accelerated and continues to feed into more and more areas of chemistry and physics. ECE theory is the culmination and continuation of Einstein’s life’s work. This includes the completion of his theory of everything circa 2005, one hundred years after his 1905 miracle year.

This achievement was celebrated by our government in 2005, International Einstein year by your appointment to the Civil List!

ECE theory unifies quantum theory, gravity and general relativity in the fabled ‘theory of everything’. This is why it can feed into such diverse areas of science.

Happy New Year to all.

Kerry Pendergast

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