Sections 3 for UFT papers 421, 422

Many thanks again! These are full of interest and international study of them will be well rewarded. The first Section Three develops the m theory of spiral galaxies and refutes Einsteinian general relativity completely. The graphics as usual bring out the physics from the complicated mathematics in a vivid way, understandable by all. The second Section three is on the m theory of the Sagnac effect, and makes the interesting suggestion of using radio frequency or microwave radiation in the Sagnac interferometer. Such an instrument maximizes the accuracy of the measurement of m(r). In the earth’s gravitational field m(r) is perhaps close to unity, but experiments would measure it. UFT147 develops the Sagnac effect with electron beams, and it would be interesting to discuss that with m theory.
Sections 3 for UFT papers 421, 422

I am sending over two section that were missing. Still finished this
year 🙂




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