Productivity from Sept 24th 2017 to present

Using the Wayback Machine ( anyone can see the history of our sites:,, From Sept. 24th 2017 to present seventy four papers have been produced by Horst Eckardt and myself, all of which are studied in up to two hundred countries. Anyone can see this with the range of scientometrics. Thirty seven papers were produced in English and they were all translated by Alex Hill into classical Spanish. This compares with the average output per author in academia of just over one paper per year. My Ph. D. supervisor, Prof. Emeritus Mansel Davies, produced about sixty papers in his entire active career with some more after he retired. With tens of millions of consultations, each paper is swallowed immediately, wolf like. So the whole output is digested in the wolf’s stomach. The standard model is in tatters, it is rejected worldwide as soon as it is taught. Some parts of it are still OK, but the theories with 147 adjustables are looking seasick. ECE is based on rigorously correct geometry, and has been tested hundreds of times as everyone knows. The standard model is running before a hurricane of new ideas, mainsail ripped to shreds, and the others furled before the poles snap. Baconian physics is very simple, a correct theory is tested experimentally. The obsolete contrivances of the standard physics have been refuted into seasickness many times over. So many congratulations and blwyddyn newydd dda, happy new year, to all!

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