Book of Scientometrics Updated to 29/12/18

As usual the staffs and students of major universities switch to using private computers this time of year, and the intense study of the work of AIAS / UPITEC continues all year round without a break, 24/7/365. So the standard model of physics is thoroughly obsolete, having been refuted in many ways without being able to reply. It is essentially non Baconian, with many adjustable parameters, so cannot be tested experimentally. Wolfgang Pauli described this dubious pseudoscientific property as being “not even wrong”. In contrast ECE is rigorously correct and uses far fewer adjustables. It has received numerous nominations including Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize and Milner Prize nominations. The failed pseudoscientists of the standard model look for ways of not recognizing AIAS / UPITEC, because that would mean no more prizes and money for them. This is crude, fishmarket politics, smelling badly of corruption.


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