426(4): Hamilton Jacobi equation on the Newtonian Level

The HJE from the familiar hamiltonIan (10) is equation (5), which shows how complete separation of actions occurs. This introduces a great deal of new information, and leads directly to Schroedinger quantization. The action is fundamental to all of physics and has the units of angular momentum. In general it is the integral over the lagrangian, and the Hamilton Principle of Least Action minimizes the action. This Principle is essentially the basis of all physics, and was discovered in Dublin by my Civil List predecessor Rowan Hamilton. So the application of the relativistic Hamilton Jacobi equations to m theory will produce a great deal of new information. This classical calculation and Schroedinger quantization is a baseline calculation for the application of HJE to special relativity and m theory. In so doing a new theory of the Lamb shift should emerge, one based on m theory.


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