Desecration of Chapels and Churches

This is sacrilege, which results in excommunication. The Roman Pontifical excommunication is carried out by a Bishop with Assistants. It is as follows: Bishop: “We deprive him with all his accomplices of the Communion of the Body and Blood of our Lord, we separate him from the society of all Christians; we exclude him from the bosom of our Holy Mother the Church in Heaven and on earth and we declare him excommunicate and anathema as well as judge him condemned to eternal fire with Satan and his angels and all the reprobates”. Assistants: “Fiat, fiat, fiat”. The candles are then thrown onto the floor. All who have desecrated chapels or churches, consecrated ground, by demolishing them, selling their stone and wood, living in them, or otherwise committing an act of sacrilege are excommunicate and anathema in the Roman Pontifical formula. Ground once consecrated can never be deconsecrated. Excommunication should be the punishment for those who turn chapels into restaurants or boxing rings and similar. Excommunication is an opportunity to change their ways, and restore the chapels to their original purpose. A Bishop includes an Archbishop, Cardinal or a Pope. In other denominations excommunication is less severe, but Wesley for example excommunicated many Methodists for drunkeness, brawling, swearing and so on. The Anabaptist tradition of excommunication is to exclude from the congregation, much less severe than the Roman Pontifical. If they change their ways they are let back into the congregation. When chapels and churches are desecrated I favour the full force of the Roman Pontifical formula. Archbishop Thomas Beckett for example was murdered for excommunicating Lord Gilbert Foliot for murdering a priest. The murders took place in Canterbury Cathedral and were carried out by Reginald Fitz Urs, Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy and Richard le Breton. All were excommunicated by the Pope. The murder of a culture by malfeasance, such as the murder of the Welsh language, should also result in excommunication of those responsible. University corruption and nepotism should also result in excommunication by pure scholars. On a metaphorical level excommunication occurs naturally because society becomes corrupted to the point of null culture, there is no confidence left in any fabric of society, and it degenerates into barbarism. Mediaeval times would have been enraged and sickened by what is happening to chapels and churches. In the film “Beckett”, Richard Burton plays Beckett and excommunicates Lord Gilbert. The candles are then extinguished and thrown onto the floor of the Cathedral. Henry II was responsible for the murder, was not excommunicated, but had to do penance.

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