426(2): New information about m(r1) from the new equation of motion

The new information is dm(r1) / dv1 = 0. This adds to the information about dm(r1) / dr1 in UFT425. This note explains the discussion with Horst this morning through the vector Hamilton equations (12 and (13) and shows that it is possible to choose p = m v sub N as the canonical momentum whee v sub N is the complete Newtonian velocity . The next stage is the development of the Hamilton Jacobi formalism of m theory. This can be used for the whole of physics and not just dynamics. The quantization of m theory takes place of course through the hamiltonian and that can be tied up with the well known Lamb shift theory of vacuum effects in the H atom. The Lamb shift can be understood as an effect of spherically symmetric spacetime.


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