The Establishment of the Tudor Dynasty and the Conquest of England by Wales

This was achieved by my ancestral cousins at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Ever since then the English Crown has descended from the Tudors and Stuarts. Henry VII Tudor had the same ancestry as myself, back to Hywel Dda, Rhodri Mawr, Urien Rheged and to about 150 B. C. The Welsh language was saved by the magnificent William Morgan Bible, commissioned by my ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor and the gentlewoman Blanche Parry. We are told by one distorted sage in the Guardian article that the Welsh have never produced any literature, music, art, architecture or anything at all except coal. I suppose he would say that neither have the Irish, Scots, Americans (still regarded as colonists by the English bigots), or any other country except the home counties part of England, and would regard anyone north of Dollis Hill as woad covered savages. The fruitcake site operates in much the same way. Oliver Cromwell also shares my own ancestry.

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