Literature of Ancient Britain

Ancient Britain was an insular (island) civilization and must have had a highly developed literature transmitted down hundreds of generations by word of mouth. The first extant poem in Welsh is "Pais Dinogad", originating near Edinburgh and probably in the Cumbric language. This was written down centuries later. This is not a war poem, but a lullaby. I have translated one of the war poems in my third book of poetry, "Gwaith Argoed Lwyfain", a battle in which the northern Britons inflicted a heavy defeat on the Angles. The British literature reached a towering peak in the work of my ancestral cousin Dafydd ap Gwilym. It seems that the vulgar little bigots exposed in the Guardian are sublimely ignorant of facts that are known everywhere else in the world. For a small Nation such as Wales, the Guardian of Ancient Britain in many ways, a policy of strict immigration control and deportation is essential. This would be modelled on the U.S. immigration laws to which I myself was subject. You cannot enter the U. S. without a knowledge of English, so in a fully independent Wales immigrants would not be allowed to cross the border without a knowledge of Welsh. In the Broydd Iaith only fluent Welsh speakers would live. These bigots should be charged with hate crime and crimes against human rights, or else locked up in an asylum.

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