What Papers to Read

I would advise just browsing through the sites or Wayback Machine to start reading a paper or book of choice, of any era, and then follow that up as your interest develops. It is better to study one paper or book in as much depth as possible than skimming through many papers. Similarly with the poetry, a favourite poem in Welsh or English will spring out of the page, and the more it is read, the more the meanings will clarify, the layers of nuances, metaphors and meaning. For those learning cynghanedd try to spot what kind of cynghanedd is being used. My poetry is read more than a book published in the thirties by Dylan Thomas for example, or in the fifties by R. S. Thomas. I think that “Eighteen Poems” by Dylan Marlais Thomas sold very few copies because of its advanced use of language and powerful metaphor. The englynion are my favourites, the Welsh language (British Celtic) at its best (in strict metre) cannot be matched, ancient echoes of the distilled wisdom of thousands of years. The Welsh Nation and millions of expatriates are the guardians of a precious treasure – the spoken and written language.

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