Publications in 2018

Anyone can trace the progress of and with the Wayback Machine I greatly encourage donations to the Wayback Machine, whose software is proliferating around the world. At present donations are doubled and they ask for donations only once a year. From 2017 to 2018, 36 papers were published in English and 36 in Spanish, making a total of 72 papers in one year, all of which are read in up to about two hundred countries and territories. The average output of an academic is just over one paper a year, so most academics would publish 30 to 40 papers in a lifetime. They are also very highly paid, and that slows them down a lot (half in humour). The Wayback Machine should be guaranteed in some way by the U. S. Federal Government, it is ultra important. It should be duplicated around the world. I will ask the British archives again why they are so far behind schedule.

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