The LIGO fraud

I agree with the eminent scholar Stephen Crothers, and with Profs. Jackson, Robitaille and tens of thousands of others around the world who reject the Einstein field equation. LIGO is a failed attempt to detect something that cannot exist, gravitational radiation from incorrect geometry. It looks as if the data were laundered in the Alley of a Thousand Dogma Filled Dustbins at the cost of millions. Apong till ten, and what a pong. The only thing left that accepts the LIGO claim is the obsolete establishment of standard physics that has political control over pungent propaganda. These are Idols of the Cave in the words of Francis Bacon, worshiped in the pitch darkness of ignorance. Students and pupils are told to regurgitate obsolete dogma, or else. Huge university fees are charged for rubbishy ideas, while Vice Chancellors live in great luxury. Let the students eat a pile of old cobblers, it will eventually result in another student rising. In fact it already has.

The LIGO fraud

Dear Professor Jackson,

Pursuant to my previous email concerning your exposure of LIGO, here is my 2017 lecture in Phoenix, Arizona, exposing the LIGO fraud in some detail:

Crothers, S.J., LIGO

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