UFT88 Consulted again at King’s College London

King’s College was one of the two founding institutes of the University of London and is ranked 83 in the world by Webometrics, 38 by Times, 31 by QS and 56 by Shanghai. The earliest medical teaching took place in 1561, and it was founded in 1829. It has 30,565 students and has produced four Nobel Laureates, including Peter Higgs, and two Wolf Prize winners, and many famous writers such as John Keats and Virginia Woolf. It was founded in a tory establishment reaction to the secular University College London of which I am sometime Ramsay Memorial Fellow. UCL is in the world’s top twenty and was called the godless college on Gower Street. The then Prime Minister, Sir Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington, wanted King’s to be an Anglican establishment, but at the same time initiated Catholic emancipation. He was opposed by Lord Winchilsea. who accused Wellington of conspiracy. There followed a furious exchange of letters and a duel on 21st March 1829. Winchilsea did not fire at the Prime Minister, and Wellington deliberately fired wide. Some claim that he fired to hit Winchilsea but missed. I doubt it. If he had harmed Winchilsea in a duel, that would have been the end of Wellington’s political career. Shortly later, duelling was outlawed. UFT88 is the famous paper that refutes the Einstein field equation completely with the use of torsion, to develop the second Bianchi identity into the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. Both papers are classics, having been read thousand of times without objection. I should add that Oxford and Cambridge at the time were subject to the Test Act, so only Anglicans could graduate from Oxford. Non Anglicans could matriculate from Cambridge but not graduate. in 1893 the University of Wales was founded as a federal University essentially for nonconformists but also for all denominations. The ideal of the federal University of Wales must be reestablished and it must be fully bilingual and about a tenth of its current size. Only then will it have anything at all to contribute to the real Wales.

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