Quantization of m Theory and new fields of AIAS research

Quantization of m theory and a theory of the masses of elementary particles.

This is of obvious importance because the standard model uses empiricism that gets nowhere, sometimes almost a hundred adjustables. This is the great strength of the hamiltonian method. The lagrangian method is used in quantum field theory and teh ECE wave equation can be developed for m space.

Quantization of m Theory and new fields of AIAS research
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Quantized m theory could change energy levels of electron states moving near to the nucleus, i.e. in heavy elements. I recall atomic structure calculations during study time. They solved the relativistic Schrödinger and Dirac equation but energy levels of deep core state differed significantly from XPS measurements for example. I remember that some authors introduced some additional corrections in the equations, probably ad-hoc, but m theory would give this a solid base.

Another point – not necessarily related to m theory – is the curvature term in the fermion equation. I consider this as a candidate for finding masses of elementary particles by a first principles theory. I guess that some development will be necessary to develop an eigenvalue equation for example that could be solved numerically. So we would extend quantum mechanics to true general realtivity. I see this as the last field which is missing to complete the new insights brought to physics by ECE theory. This would lead our research to a preliminary completion. But as we know, each solved question raises two new questions in scientific research.


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Quantization of m Theory

Agreed, the quantization of dH / dt =0 will lead to a theory similar to the time dependent Schroedinger equation in m space. I should think that there would be interesting effects in nuclear physics and in general for the masses of elementary particles.

Hamiltonian Method for m Theory

It will be very interesting to see now what the effects are on quantisation, if any, and what new insights emerge.

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