UFT88 Read at the UNAM Science Museum in Mexico City

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is ranked 121 in the world by webometrics; 601-800 by Times; 113 by QS and 201 – 300 by Shanghai. It was founded originally in 1551 as the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico, and founded as UNAM in 1910, a secular, progressive and autonomous university. It has 324,413 students and has produced three Nobel Laureates: Alfonso Garcia Robles (Peace Prize 1982); Octavio Paz (Literature Prize 1990) and Mario Molina (Chemistry Prize 1995). ECE, ECE2 and m theory have a strong presence in Mexico and in Central and South America due to the translation work of Alex Hill and colleagues. UNAM is located in Mexico City, and in 1968, a student movement at UNAM catalyzed democracy in Mexico. The Science Museum of UNAM often consults www.aias.us. UFT88 is now the most read recent paper on the second Bianchi identity of 1902 upon which the Einstein field equation is based directly (Carroll free online notes). UFT88 has been consulted tens of thousands of times without objection and effectively ends the era of Einsteinian general relativity by spontaneous international acclaim all over the world because the correct incorporation of torsion completely changes the structure of the second Bianchi identity, transforming it into the intricate Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. So the Einstein field equation when corrected for torsion also becomes an intricate equation which bears no resemblance to the Einstein field equation The latter is therefore meaningless, and so are all of its predictions. This great paradigm shift has been described by the eminent and progressive physics editor Alwyn van der Merwe as “the post Einsteinian paradigm shift”. EGR has been refuted in almost a hundred different ways in the UFT series on www.aias.us, and the obsolete dogma which has grown up around EGR has been refuted by the eminent scholar Stephen Crothers in many more ways. I have just shown in Note 420(1) that EGR collapses entirely when applied to the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy, because in EGR, the velocity vanishes as r becomes infinite. Astronomical observations show that the velocity becomes constant as r becomes infinite. The m theory is capable of describing the velocity curve, and so are ECE2 and ECE theories, but the Newtonian theory also fails completely. There has been intense interest in more than two hundred countries (2003 to present) in this historic paradigm shift, or sudden and complete change in perception. It has also been shown in UFT419 that EGR again fails completely in the S2 star, giving a precession that is a hundred times too large. Again, m theory succeeds in describing the data. Very rarely does a major paradigm shift occur in physics, and very rarely does it generate such intense and lasting interest, measured accurately by years of precise scientometrics.

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