420(1): General m Theory of Galaxies

This note gives a general m theory of galaxies using potential energies such as (41) to (43) in the powerful equations of motion (34) and (35). It is first shown that Newton and Einstein are completely refuted by the observed velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. They are not just wrong but totally wrong. This was first shown in PECE volume two. Then the equations of the m theory of all galactic structures are given. The new m theory is as powerful a development as EGR was in its time, and as powerful as the sixteenth and seventeenth century enlightenment of Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler and Newton described in Arthur Koestler’s online “The Sleepwalkers”. It has just been shown in UFT419 that EGR is totally wrong by a factor of one hundred in the S2 star. So it is pointless and cynically misleading to claim that EGR is very precise. This is like the Aristotelian dogmatists of Galileo’s time. He was shown the irons and put under house arrest for his views. Things are no different now, human nature never changes. Bruno was executed in 1600 just as the new enlightenment began to dawn. In UFT375 it was thought that EGR was out by a factor of ten in S2, now in UFT419 we know that it is out by a factor of a hundred. EGR has been refuted in almost a hundred different ways in the UFT series. There have been no objections from the colleagues for over a decade.


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