Computation of S2 orbit

Many thanks again! I sent over a note on the diametric self inconsistency of the standard model estimate of M, which is based on a Newtonian procedure, and suggested a new procedure in which m(r) is used as a parameter. If S2 were Newtonian, then a numerical integration of Eqs. (19) and (20) of Note 419(3) should give an elliptical orbit with T about sixteen years. By Kepler’s third law T squared = 4 pi squared a cubed / (MG)
in the Newtonian dynamics. Where m is the mass of the S2 star, and M is the central mass. Here a is the semi major axis. In the wikipedia article:
M = 8.572 ten power 36 kilograms
G = 6.67408 ten power minus 11 m cubed / s squared / kgm
a = 1.451 ten power 14 m
T = 16.0518 years = 5.0627 ten power 8 seconds
m ~ 2.98 ten power 31 kilograms
I will check whether these data are consistent with Kepler’s third law and the Newtonian theory. That will show whether the orbit is an ellipse, as assumed by the standard modellers.

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