Request for Data on the S2 Star

Many thanks, I will look up the data.

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Dear prof. Evans,

we are theoreticians and we have no astronomical observations. We used
data obtained by New Technology Telescope/Very Large Telescope (NTT/VLT),
as well as by Keck telescope, which are publicly available as the
supplementary on-line data to the electronic version of the paper (S.
Gillessen, F. Eisenhauer, T. Fritz, H. Bartko, K. Dodds-Eden et al., The
orbit of the star S2 around SgrA* from VLT and Keck data, Astrophys. J.
707 (2009) L114 [arXiv:0910.3069]).

Probably, groups of prof. S. Gillessen and prof. A. Ghez now have a more
accurate data of observations of S2 star.

Best regards,
Dusko Borka.

> Drs. D. Borka and A. F. Zakharov,
> We are interested in
> your papers on the S2 star using R power n and Yukawa models of
> gravitation. We have recently developed a theory ( in which
> retrograde precession and forward precession are described. Do you have an
> accurate data bank on the S2 star defining its orbit precisely, or do you
> know where such a data bank can be found? I find from your interesting
> papers that the orbit is almost Newtonian or Keplerian, but the prospect
> of
> negative precession is very important because it would refute general
> relativity experimentally. Essentially we need data to define the initial
> conditions for a numerical integration of equations of motion defined by m
> theory, which is the development of physics in the most general
> spherically
> symmetric spacetime. As can be seen from the latest UFT papers on
> the m theory can produce forward and retrograde precession and
> shrinking orbits. It can also produce superluminal signalling, potential
> energy from the m(r) function of m space, the possibility of counter
> gravitation, and much more. The m(r) function could be related to the
> functions used in your own theory. We have also applied our theory to the
> velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy.
> Cordially Yours,
> Myron Evans
> (Dr. M. Evans,

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