Request for Data on the S2 Star

Drs. D. Borka and A. F. Zakharov,
We are interested in your papers on the S2 star using R power n and Yukawa models of gravitation. We have recently developed a theory ( in which retrograde precession and forward precession are described. Do you have an accurate data bank on the S2 star defining its orbit precisely, or do you know where such a data bank can be found? I find from your interesting papers that the orbit is almost Newtonian or Keplerian, but the prospect of negative precession is very important because it would refute general relativity experimentally. Essentially we need data to define the initial conditions for a numerical integration of equations of motion defined by m theory, which is the development of physics in the most general spherically symmetric spacetime. As can be seen from the latest UFT papers on the m theory can produce forward and retrograde precession and shrinking orbits. It can also produce superluminal signalling, potential energy from the m(r) function of m space, the possibility of counter gravitation, and much more. The m(r) function could be related to the functions used in your own theory. We have also applied our theory to the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy.

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. Evans,

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