UFT88 Read at University of Wales Swansea

UW Swansea is ranked 527 in the world by Wikipedia, 251- 300 by Times, 435 by QS and unranked by Shanghai. It has 20,831 students. Its h and g rankings for physics are poor to very poor. I am its most productive Alumnus, being the most productive physicist / chemist in history, but my association with Swansea is tenuous, one year as Pilcher Senior Fellow. During that year I was the most productive member of the Physics Department, but the events there are recorded in the second volume of the Autobiography, read all over the world. I am the only Civil List Pensioner that Swansea has produced, but I am covered up and trotskyised in the propaganda of the place because of my well known views, which tread heavily and tell the truth like Washington. In my opinion it floods Wales with low quality students who never learn Welsh and who often do not know that the Welsh language exists. UFT88 is the famous refutation of Einsteinian general relativity and probably the most read paper on the second Bianchi identity. A place like Swansea must be radically reformed, all its staff and students must be rigorously fluent in Welsh and it must be downsized if it is to stop flooding Wales with people who know nothing about Wales.

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