New Expressions for Infinite Potential Energy from m(r)

This note produces new expressions for infinite potential energy from m(r), while conserving total energy as usual in the well known work integral method of classical dynamics. The note demonstrates the rigorous self consistency of the calculation and produces Eq. (28), which leads to the inference that the energy due to m(r) is infinite when gamma is infinite, i. e. when m(r) = v / c. This result is missing completely from the standard model, in which m(r) is restricted to 1 – r0 / r by the Einstein field equation, and missing completely from special relativity, in which m(r) = 1. The latter is discarded as obsolete in ECE and m theory. I will proceed to write up Sections 1 and 2 of UFT418, which will report several results of major importance. Section 3 by co author Horst Eckardt will be of key importance as usual.


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