The possibility of Counter Gravitation from m Theory

The fact that m theory may result in expanding orbits implies counter gravitation, and so m theory is capable of providing infinite vacuum energy, superluminal motion and counter gravitation, retrograde precession, shrinking orbits and in well defined limits a simple theory of all precessions, delta phi = omega T, where omega is the angular velocity of frame rotation due to torsion, and T the time taken for any orbit. It can also give light deflection due to gravitation, geodedic and Lense Thirring precession, Thomas precession, equinoctial precession, and in general any observable precession. The m theory gives a new insight to the gyroscope. It can also explain the radiative corrections as being due to the nature of spherical spacetime itself, and explain the origin of the spin connection in terms of the nature of spherical spacetime. A new textbook of classical dynamics could be written in terms of m theory, and supercomputer simulations of classical dynamics coded in terms of m theory. The Lorentz transform is replaced by a transform based on the new generalized Lorentz factor, and the entire theory is a generally covariant unified field theory. A new subject of classical electrodynamics can be developed in the general spherical spacetime, and a new subject of quantum mechanics can be developed. The Higgs boson is already obsolete and is replaced by the vacuum particle. The m theory is startlingly powerful, and gives entirely unexpected new physics. The role of computation by co author Horst Eckardt is of central importance, and he produces many original insights of his own. So he has a complete mastery of the ECE theory. Others in AIAS / UPITEC also have a mastery of the subject. Entirely new equations of motion have been derived, both from the hamiltonian and lagrangian methods. The hamiltonian method is the basis of quantum mechanics, for example, and the lagrangian method is the basis for quantum field theory. Nuclear and particle theory can also be developed with m theory. There has been a very large amount of checking work, both numerically and analytically, so there is essentially unanimous international confidence in the theory. The way in which research results are published has changed completely, the website method makes journals obsolete. The refereeing system has been greatly improved. For each new paper there are thousands of referees, the intelligent readership. Anonymity can no longer destroy original ideas that dogmatists don’t like.

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