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Many thanks to the Co President! The mythical precision of the standard model no longer exists after the discovery of retrograde precession in the S2 star, and in the UFT papers multiple methods of developing and explaining cosmology have been proposed. The m theory has the great advantage of being able to use any m (r) function, and is capable of describing any astronomical data, including the velocity curves of whirlpool galaxies. The standard model is restricted to m(r) = 1 – r0/r, and this is incorrect due to neglect of torsion. A quick glance at Google will show that the books are doing very well, being on the first or second pages of Google for a good choice of keywords. For example “Principles of ECE volumes one and two” and “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”.There has never been any valid criticism of ECE and ECE2, and the new m theory. This is simply because the theories are based directly on the well known Cartan geometry. ECE and ECE2 are generally covariant unified field theories and are therefore also Lorentz covariant. In the S2 star the standard model is out by a factor ten and gives the wrong sign of precession. The dogmatists are out on a limb, being locked into obsolescence. I am beginning to write the third volume of my autobiography, and that will expose all the early attacks as being due to the well known propensity of obscure mediocrities to attack new ideas in a mindless way.

418(5): A Summary of the New Classical Dynamics in m SpaceTo: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

It is elegant and succinct – just as Einstein may have suspected was possible. His (or his not) well known equation now extended into the Evans/Horst equation can lie at the heart of this new physics for a long time to come.

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