Cew Cosmology

Cew Cosmology

I think that the seven hundred or so UFT papers or books are far in advance of this paper, which has the obvious problem of adhering to obsolete black hole dogma. The latest m theory looks much more promising and has already produced revolutionary new results. Standard physics is basically theology, not natural philosophy. As you know, the ECE2 theory has already produced more startlingly original results than the theology. There are hundreds of one paper claims about new cosmologies, but none of them have the rigorous and broad ranging power of ECE2.

Here is the whole Abstract

“We present a new model of cosmology which appears to show great
promise. Our flat space
cosmology model, using only four basic and reasonable assumptions,
derives highly accurate Hubble
parameter H0, Hubble radius R0 and total mass M0 values for our
observable universe. Our model
derives a current Hubble parameter of 2.167826×10−18 sec−1 ≅ 66.89 km
sec Mpc , in excellent
agreement with the newly reported (lower limit) results of the 2015
Planck Survey. Remarkably,
all of these derivations can be made with only these basic assumptions
and the current CMB
radiation temperature T0 ≅ 2.725 K . The thermodynamic equations we have
generated follow
Hawking’s black hole temperature formula. We have also derived a variety
of other useful cosmological
formulae. These include angular velocity and other rotational formulae.
A particularly useful
hyperbolic equation, T2R = cT2 ω ≅ 1.0272646×1027 m⋅K2 , has been
derived, which appears to be
an excellent fit for the Planck scale as well as the current observable
universe scale. Using the flat
space Minkowski relativistic formula for Doppler effect, and a formula
for staging our cosmological
model according to its average mass-energy density at every Hubble time
(universal age) in its
expansion, a persuasive argument can be made that the observable
phenomena attributed to dark
energy are actually manifestations of Doppler and gravitational
redshift. Finally, a theory of cosmic
inflation becomes completely unnecessary because our flat space
cosmology model is always at
critical density.”


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