Einstein did not Prove E = m c squared

I have looked up Google to find immediately that Einstein did not actually prove E = m c squared from his own special relativity. I used as my baseline calculation chapter fourteen of Marion and Thornton, third edition, which derives E = m c squared from the work integral. I then systematically extended the baseline calculation to m space. I greatly admire some of Einstein’s work but I am not fixated by any media idolization. I have first hand historical knowledge of the real character of Einstein from conversations with Jean-Pierre Vigier and Ernest Sternglass, who both knew him well. The new equation E = m(r) half m c squared totally changes the whole of physics, from particle physics to cosmology. In the past few months Horst Eckardt and I have been carrying out many exhaustive self consistency tests of the new theories, using a combination of analytical and computational techniques. The standard model is completely shredded by the new equation for the famous rest energy, because at the mythical event horizon, there would be no rest energy. That would drive standard cosmology crazy, there would be no stars for example. Every night as I do my druidical sacrifices, I see stars as I howl homage to the half god of the new moon. I do not know who first derived E = m c squared from special relativity. Many people such as Oliver Heaviside came close to it. The real history of special relativity is very much more intricate than Einsteinian mythology. Anyone can see this if they studied the internet.

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