curvature of m function

Curvature of m function

Interesting ideas. As you know, torsion and curvature are defined by the first and second Maurer Cartan structure equations, so the choice of tetrad and spin connection would lead to positive or negative torsion and curvature. The m function is defined in the most general spherically symmetric spacetime, and there is freedom of choice of m, it can be positive or negative provided that it reduces to one in flat, Minkowski spacetime. The m theory is a startling theory with a life of its own. For example it gives a range of very severe tests of the obsolete Einstein theory, which is history of science by now. For example at the event horizon (m(r) = 0)) the hamiltonian, angular momentum, relativistic kinetic energy and relativistic linear momentum of m theory all disappear, suggesting that something is drastically wrong with the idea of event horizon and black holes. We suspected that of course, but now we know for sure.

In Cartan geometry negative curvature is possible.Is it meaningful to
extend m(r) to negative values? Then the generalized gamma factor would
be defined (i.e. real valued). I don’t know what the dynamics would look
like in that case.


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