Wide-ranging, may be useful to applied research

Many thanks, the ECE2 theory can explain any device that produces energy from spacetime, for example UFT226 ff, UFT311, 321, 364, 382, 383 and 417, and many other papers and books. It can also explain orbit effects that the standard model cannot. Rossi has been working on e cat since 2011 but has stopped short of commercialization. So it is very important that such a device be commercialized soon. Similarly it is very important to produce a spacetime circuit in which the vacuum energy can be fed back into the circuit. The theory has developed tremendously since 2003.

Review useful for Applied research


it is interesting that the Rossi device is set in relation to the Correa
plasma tube device. We constructed such a tube some years ago without
finding excess energy. Obviously we did not meet the “self organization
I will forward this to the colleagues, many thanks!


Am 28.10.2018 um 19:08 schrieb Steve Bannister:
> This is as interesting a survey as I have seen:
> http://e-catworld.com/2018/10/28/no-mystery-the-e-cat-qx-explained-by-lost-technologies-the-director/
> Seems cautiously optimistic on the current Rossi device.
> I am struck by how large a parameter space we face. Looking for the
> world experts in experimentally traversing large parameter spaces
> efficiently. Horst, does this come up in your group?
> Steve

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