Plans for UFT417

This paper makes delta function progress a typical paradigm shift. The plans are as follows, with reference to the notes: 1) Defining the force due to the geometry of m space (synonymous with “vacuum force” or “aether force”).
2) Summary of numerical computation in m space.
3) and 4) Defining infinite vacuum force.
5) Work done by the vacuum force, potential vacuum energy imparts kinetic energy to material matter. The spin connection of ECE2 theory is defined by the m space itself. Approximation of the lagrangian. Preliminary application to Lamb shift theory, relating fluctuating vacuum fields to m space.
6) The origin of forward and backward precessions of frame rotation theory in m space. The origin of the frame rotation is the spacetime torsion of Cartan geometry. Theory of superluminal travel from the generalized Lorentz factor of m theory (Section 3 by Horst Eckardt).
7) General maxima and minima of the vacuum force found by well known turning point theory. Inclusion of vacuum energy in the hamiltonian. Definition of the classical hamiltonian in m space by removing the rest energy of m space. Relation to the classical lagrangian in m space. Definition of approximation (40) to remove recursion problems and greatly simplify the calculation. Calculation of the m space orbital velocity (54), approximated by (59). Demonstration of rigorous self consistency of concepts and approximations. Measuring m(r) by routine astronomy for any orbit and any m(r).

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