h Index of Paul Darcy

This is very low, h = 4, g = 6, total number of citations = 331, overwhelmingly due to a couple of patents by H. G. Heller, well below what is needed for tenure, or even lecturer or assistant professor. It looks as if Darcy was tenured without open competition and stayed at Aberystwyth at the chemistry teaching unit which was formed after the closure of the EDCL in 1988. Once tenured they remained on comfortable salaries forever, doing almost no research. Mansel Davies described this as retiring early in a club like any other. There was no correlation at all between performance and award of tenure. My group became the most productive in the history of science but the corrupt administration breached contract and refused to give us tenure. That system is of no use at all to Welsh speaking Wales and should be completely reformed. To start with tenure must be awarded by law to anyone who has won two prestigious Fellowships, whatever age they are now. Darcy was in the class of 1972 (one year after my class of 1971) and did not win a prestigious Fellowship. The real University of Wales was founded in 1893 to provide education to nonconformists, locked out of Oxford and Cambridge on religious grounds. At present, the real University of Wales exists in the houses of coal miners, and was partly funded in 1893 by Welsh speaking coal miners. The EDCL was a small club of unproductive people who wasted millions in public funding. I am not going to be popular, but I seek the historical truth like Thucydides.

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