UFT88 Consulted at Hong Kong Tech and William and Mary

Hong Kong Technical University is ranked 181 in the world by Webometrics, 46 by Times, 37 by QS and 201-300 by Shanghai;The College of William and Mary of Virginia is ranked 201-250 by Times and 581-590 by QS. Hong Kong Tech was founded in 1991 and has 14,208 students, generally regarded as a world ranking university with a well established ECE School of Thought which regularly consults the UFT papers and articles on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org. The College of William and Mary of Virginia was founded in 1693 and is the second oldest university in the United States after Harvard. Alumni include Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler. It is a Public Ivy and has 8,617 students. There are schools of ECE thought inside the eight Ivy League Universities: Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Columbia and Dartmouth; and the eight Public Ivy Universities: William and Mary, Universities of Virginia, California and Michigan, Chapel Hill, Miami College Ohio, University of Texas Austin and University of Vermont Burlington. Over fourteen years there have been numerous consultations from all sixteen universities. UFT88 has been consulted many thousands of times without objection, and a short survey is attached. It is the key refutation of Einsteinian general relativity through refutation of the 1902 second Bianchi identity by the inclusion of torsion. UFT99 and its accompanying notes: “Definitive Proofs” show that torsion cannot be left out of consideration. The final form of UFT88 is UFT313, the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity. UFT88 is now the leading new paper on the second Bianchi identity. So the Einstein theory should be regarded as scientific history, and is thoroughly obsolete. Clearly, with such great and unchallenged interest in its refutation, the Einstein theory is being rejected as soon as it is taught. The attached is the peak of an Everest of interest in UFT88 because the great majority of consultations come from unidentifiable private computers of staff and students in universities and institutes, from government and military facilities, corporations, organizations and the general public.


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