m Function for Infinite Energy

This is an excellent result, a modification by Horst Eckardt of the infinite energy condition found by Russ Davis. The m theory gives both superluminal motion and infinite spacetime energy from the same basic equations so goes far ahead of the standard model. This is an excellent group discussion.
Circuits for Infinite Energy from Spacetime

2nd try

PS: This is an m function which is quadratic for r<a and of type 1/r^2 for r>a. I had to play a bit with the constants so that the transition at r=0 is continuous and differentiable. In the graph it is a=1/2.


Am 22.10.2018 um 19:24 schrieb Russell Davis:


Perhaps I missed something in the recent papers and notes, but isn’t the salient requirement only that m(r) –>1, so that the spin connection expression UFT415 eq.44 reduces to UFT414 eq. 54 ? However, is there a minus sign typo between these two equations?

Isn’t the more stingent requirement, m(r) –> 1 for r–> infinity, only needed for certain cosmological-scale features that you were modeling?


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