Latest Version of the Peloponnesian War

This latest version includes an objectivist history of the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories and shows how academic deadwood can impede meritocracy. It suggests the introduction of a Civil Service type system in which tenure is awarded automatically to a candidate who has won two or three prestigious Fellowships in open international competition. The first and second volumes of the autobiography are classics, having been read tens of thousands of times. They are in the blue box above my coat of arms on It is pointed out that there is an exact parallel between Sir Aubrey Fiennes Trotman-Dickenson and myself in that we both won an NRCC Fellowship and an ICI Fellowship. Trotman-Dickenson (Winchester and Oxford) was appointed lecturer at Edinburgh, and Head of Department at the EDCL in 1960. I won an unprecedented three prestigious Fellowships while still a graduate student at the EDCL (1971 – 1974), but was told by my Ph. D. supervisor to go to France. I went to Oxford but would have far preferred to stay at the EDCL. The history shows that the system was so inept and corrupt that it could not even award me a low paid job as research associate.


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