h and g indices of William Jones of the Thomas Group

These are h = 47, g = about 90, about 430 publications in all. Total citations for the first 72 are about 7,777. This compares with my h = 50 and g = 100, about two thousand publications and broadcasts. He was in my 1971 class at the EDCL and graduated with an upper second, so did not qualify for a post graduate studentship.I got the Dr Samuel Williams studentship on merit, being the top first of the class of 1971. He was funded by some rotary club and did his Ph. D. with Thomas and J. O Williams. He did a one year post doctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute and in 1976 was given a staff demonstratorship. In that year I won my fifth open competition fellowship, the prestigious Ramsay Memorial Fellowship, but again the EDCL failed entirely to give any support. I was always being told that there was no money available. I am still being told that there is no money and I don’t like such misinformation. The truth is that JMT concentrated nearly all resources for his own group and there was plenty of money available. I myself brought in several hundred thousand pounds to the EDCL in today’s money. So Bill is the third most productive member of the EDCL. He was taken to Cambridge by JMT and given tenure. In terms of fellowships I beat him by fifteen to one; Gareth beats him by three to one. So there is no confidence in a system that allows random appointments. It must be completely reformed, or scientist must adopt a course of life in which they are allowed to think without interference. J. O. Williams won one open competition fellowship and was awarded tenure. I was well acquainted with J. O. Williams, who was a fluent Welsh speaker. All these people should have stayed at the EDCL but moved off to Cambridge and lost touch with Wales. J. O. was driven out by the Jeremy Jones regime. Once they are set up in a place like Cambridge they forget their roots entirely. The combination of JMT, Bill Jones, Gareth Evans and myself at the EDCL would have kept the place open. Bill Jones once again is a careerist, and his M index is much lower than mine because he worked with so many co authors. That corrupt system was completely unable to cope with a truly original thinker. Bill is personally quite a decent man, who has recently lost his wife, but whenever I tried to communicate there was never a reply. So I decided not to communicate again.

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