Plans for UFT417

These are to introduce the spin connection into UFT416, thus defining the vacuum force and vacuum energy proposed by Einstein in 1931 and by many other scholars since then, notably the AIAS / UPITEC group of scholars.. It would be very important in Section 3 of UFT416 to write the fundamental numerical equations of motion (42) and (43) in the correct (r1 , phi) coordinate system. Eqs. (42) and (43) are written in the (r, phi) coordinate system. Horst has already shown that the equations written in the (r1, phi) coordinate system conserve H and L rigorously. In my opinion this powerful new cosmology can be applied to new astronomical data that refute the Einsteinian general relativity, for example in S star systems. On the philosophical level all astronomical data actually refute EGR, because its geometry is totally wrong. The spin connection is fundamentally important to ECE2 theory and defines energy from spacetime, (or “the vacuum” or “ether”) considered by Albert Einstein in a lost paper of 1931 recently discovered in the Einstein archives. This is delta function progress, putting cosmology on an entirely new level.

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