Nomination for British National Honours

Nomination for National Honours

Many thanks to the AIAS / UPITEC Co President Gareth Evans for this nomination for British National Honours. This is a nomination for new physics. Also many thanks to the various supporters and the colleagues at AIAS / UPITEC and on the discussion groups over the years. Since I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005, about seven hundred more papers and books have been published on ECE and ECE2 in English and classical Spanish (Castilian) and interest is running at three million hits a year. As we saw yesterday there has been interest in the new circuits from CERN. Energy from the vacuum was considered by Einstein in 1931 in a lost paper that has recently been found in the Einstein archives.

This is adding real clarity to the whole discussion of physically unreal singularities.

I have returned to the application for National honours for you. Obviously, an award is more than well deserved for this work alone but I will focus more on energy from spacetime because of the applications and general interest.

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