Big Bang versus Stationary Universe

Google “Einstein Big Bang Quote” and the second entry, “Einstein’s Lost Theory describes a Universe without Big Bang” to find the 1931 paper by Einstein “Zum kosmologischen Problem”. This uses VACUUM ENERGY via his cosmological constant. This unpublished and lost paper was discovered recently by Cormac O’Raifeartaigh, and the paper states that new particles of matter must be continuously created by energy from the vacuum. We have greatly developed the theory of vacuum energy and also that of photon mass. In UFT49 for example the apparent expansion of the universe as explained with photon mass and the ECE2 vacuum particle with mass introduced in UFT337. It would be very interesting to see of the new ECE2 cosmology based on dH / dt = 0 and dL / dt = 0 can shed light on the problem of steady state versus Big Bang, and find out what can replace “black hole” theory . Einstein introduced energy from the vacuum (or what we call energy from spacetime) with the cosmological constant. He did this originally in order to force his equation to give a steady state universe. However when Hubble showed him the data from the hundred inch telescope in 1931, Einstein appeared to abandon the cosmological constant but in fact used to infer energy from the vacuum. However we no longer use the Einstein field equation at all, and that frees us up completely from the ancient received wisdom, or foggy dogma. Einstein said that “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities, the latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.” UNCC shows exactly what he meant, but being violently chopped by UNCC led to a complete new enlightenment, also described by Ayn Rand in her objectivist philosophy. So we can include the spin connection in the latest theory of UFT415 and see where that leads. The vacuum energy and force are described by the spin connection. So this can be done in UFT416, Horst has already produced important new results for UFT416. So if Einstein says that there is energy from the vacuum or spacetime, all the foggy dogmatists will follow because they never think for themselves. We can also begin to use a non stationary metric in UFT416. There are dogmatic idiots around these days who still seem to think that energy from the vacuum is perpetual motion.

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