Diolch yn fawr! Many thanks!

Many thanks to my cousin Vivienne Swaby for the illustrated books on coal mining in South Wales. Deeply appreciated! I recall the inhuman, genocidal conditions very clearly and wrote about them in my autobiography and poetry in both languages. There is one particularly poignant photograph of someone who could not have been more than twelve, covered with coal dust and looking hopeless and exhausted, photographs of drift mines and many more. My father Edward Ivor (collier, shot fireman and finally overman or underground manager), grandfather Thomas Elim Havard Jones (collier and dram rider), great grandfather Tommy Tomos Jones (winding house) and great great grandfather, Tomos Jones Llanbedr Pont Steffan (collier), were all coal miners. In the online film about Craig Cefn Parc, the first scene is of my cousin Marbeth, who lived next door, and the second is of my uncle, William Jones, covered in coal dust after a shift underground. They were coal miners in order to make a living but highly cultured, intelligent, musical and literate. All were fluent Welsh speakers. Hostile government has destroyed that culture almost completely. People now have a soft life and are essentially illiterate in the sense that they have lost their language and nearly all their culture. These must be revived by individual people because Government is so remote as to be non existent. It cannot even keep open the Welsh speaking schools in Mawr. These should all be Welsh medium schools. Local Government in this area should be condemned by UNESCO for crimes against humanity and severe violations of human rights. As Squire I condemn Mawr Community Council and Swansea County Council to historical oblivion for crimes against humanity.

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