Theophilus Jones 18th Oct. 1758 to 15th Jan. 1812

To Stuart Davies: According to wiki, which is, however, as accurate as a drunk man looking at the thistle (Hugh mac Diarmaid, Civil List Pensioner 1950)) Theophilus Jones was the son of Rev. Hugh Jones, a prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Brecon, and we saw a plaque to Theophilus Jones on the wall of the church in Christ’s College. Presumably this is the Collegiate Church of Brecon, a mediaeval building in good condition, and which houses the Aubrey Chapel. Wiki claims that Theophilus Jones married Mary Price in 1783, so I assume I am descended from Mary Price through the Powell Family of Craig y Nos. Mary Price died on 22nd July 1828. So I assume that Gwenllian Powell (1785 – 1873) is related to Mary Price in some way. I see that Theophilus Jones was fluent in Welsh and translated “Gweledigaethau y Bardd Cwsg”. Theophilus Jones was the son in law of the historian Theophilus Evans (1693 – 1767), christened in Llandygwydd in 1693, and whose main work was “Drych y Prif Oesoedd”, arguing for the independent origins of British Christianity. Theophilus Evans was right becasue the earliest Christian settlement in Britain was founded by our ancestral cousin Eurgain ferch Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr Llediaeth – Cor Eurgain near Llan Badarn Fawr.  Theophilus Evans was supported by the Squire of Glan Bran, Sackville Gwynne. The name Gwynne means descent from the Princes. Sackville Gwynne supported Hywel Harris of the Methodist Revival.

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