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Many thanks indeed to Stuart Davies. This is very interesting because Theophilus Jones was an important historian, and there is a memorial to him in Christ’s College Brecon. So I assume that Gwenllian Powell (1785 – 1873), see attached, was descended from the wife of Theophilus Jones. Gwenllian Powell married David Morgan (1771/78 – 1869), my direct ancestor and younger brother of Morgan Morgan, owner of Craig y Nos Castle from 1876 to 1878, and direct ancestor of Stuart Davies. Does Stuart have the line from Theophilus Jones and his wife to Gwenllian Powell?

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As you know there are two houses/estates at GlynLlech, GlynLlech Isaf and GlynLlech Uchaf. Theophilus Jones’s wife was descended from the GlynLlech Uchaf family. The Powell family of Isaf took as a bride a daughter of the Uchaf family, say about 1700 and the Powell’s of Craig-y-nos carry the combined blood-line. I am not aware of an Awbrey link to the GlynLlech families, though they do go back pre-Tudor Breconshire.

As far as I am aware we are not related as such to John Lloyd.

Stuart Davies

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Thank you very much, and it was very good meeting all of you! Which relatives are these? Stuart also mentioned that I am related to the wife of Theophilus Jones, which might mean we are all related.

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I flew from Cardiff to Dublin and then to Dulles International (in Virginia, but billed as Washington, DC)… I think I’m in love with Aer Lingus business class 😀

Thanks for the photos & enjoy the Fall – I think my area will be going right from summer to leaf-stripping storm: we’re waiting for Hurricane Florence… landfall expected quite a bit south, but Northern Virginia is expecting high winds and flooding even if the hurricane’s path doesn’t cross us. Texas is a half a continent away 😀

Cheers, Liz

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I trust that you all had a suitably uneventful flight home and are all awaiting fall/autumn which is with us in the UK.

I have titled this email John Lloyd after the founding father of the present owners of Abercynrig as his name struck a bell with a visit that I had last year with the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society to Llanwrtyd Wells.

Tom Lloyd, our guide to St David’s old parish church of Llanwyrtyd extolled the merits of John lLloyd’s impressive gravestone inside the church without it cutting too much with me at the time as i was not then familiar with him at the time. l do though attach a further two photos which I took in 2010 outside the church. They are photos of the gravestones of Myron’s relatives which I took n 2010..

Stuart Davies

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf

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