Llanwrtyd Church gravestones

Many thanks to Stuart Davies! Caroline Potter was descended from the Morgan Awbrey Family and from Reginald Awbrey on one side and Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch and Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell on the other. These two fought each other at the Battle of Brecon (1093). My grandmother, Gwenllian Evans, formerly Lodge, nee Potter was descended from David Potter and Rachel Morgan, who lived in Penwyllt, overlooking Craig y Nos Castle. We cousins can trace our ancestry to about 150 B.C. from the ancient Welsh genealogies. Also attached is the relation of Sir Reginald Awbrey to William 1st of England and Normandy. This is from Darrel Wolcott at the Center for the Study of Ancient Wales in Texas, sent by Stuart Aubrey. The direct line of Bleddyn ap Maenarch goes back to Caradog ap Bran ap Llyr (Caratacus), King of the Seisyllwyr (Silurians), born about 5 A. D., whose son Lleyn ap Caradog was probably the first Bishop of Rome and whose daughter Eurgain ferch Caradog founded the first Christian settlement in Britain (Cor Eurgain near Llan Illtud Fawr). Caradog led a campaign of British resistance against the Roman superpower and is described in “I Claudius” by Robert Graves.
Llanwrtyd Church gravestones

The photos than I sent to you earlier are of the grave of Adamo Adami, former chef of Craig-y-nos who married Caroline Potter and who lies with him. They moved to Llanwrtyd when he took over the running of the Neuadd Arms. He died though comparatively soon after, leaving a widow and two very young sons. The boys though had very successful careers as head-masters of grammar schools in Brecon.

I have not checked recently, but the Adami surname was certainly still present in Brecon not long ago.

Stuart Davies


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