UFT88 Consulted at Tulane

UFT88 has been consulted at Tulane University New Orleans,which was founded in 1834. Tulane is ranked 356 by Webometrics, 351-400 by Times, 412 by QS and unranked by Shanghai. It has an acceptance rate of 17% and 13,581 students. It is regarded as the top university of Louisana. UFT88 is the famous refutation of the second Bianchi identity using torsion and has been consulted many thousands of times in world best universities. It is one of the world’s leading papers on the second Bianchi identity, and its final form is UFT313. Torsion completely changes the structure of the second Bianchi identity, on which the Einstein field equation is based directly. As shown in UFT99, if torsion is omitted or assumed to be zero, the curvature vanishes and the geometry collapses. Torsion profoundly changes all aspects of Riemann geometry.

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