Systematic Search for a Decreasing Orbit

I will start on this work shortly, using known results from m theory as a guide. In the meantime it would be very interesting to begin the systematic search by integrating the relativistic Eqs. (1) and (2) of Note 414(7). This will give a precessing orbit which might or might not shrink, and perhaps these equations will give retrograde precession. Then Eqs. (3) and (4) of this note can be integrated. They reduce to Eqs. (16) and (17) for an assumed positive spin connection. Then the sign of the spin connection can be reversed. In these equations the (r , phi) coordinate system is used. Tomorrow I will introduce the (r, phi’) coordinate system to Note 414(7) and the resulting equations can be integrated. The relativistic equations correspond to an infinitesimal line element that looks like the Minkowski line element. This can be extended to a line element of m theory, in the most general spherically symmetric spacetime, known to give a shrinking orbit from UFT192. This looks like a very interesting scheme of research. There are so many ideas in ECE now that we can cross correlate them and use them to create new ideas. In this case we start by developing the Minkowski type infnitesimal line element into a line element of m theory, and find the equations of motion. Horst is going on holiday soon, and as usual there is no hurry. We slowly and systematically investigate the new ideas.

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