414(6): The relativistic orbital equations in the unrotated frame

This is the baseline calculation before proceeding to the (r, phi’) frame and the definition of the spin connection and vacuum force. The two independent equations to be solved simultaneously are equations (1) and (2), the relativistic Leibniz equation and the conservation of relativistic angular momentum. They expand out to Eqs. (44) and (45), simultaneous equations in r and phi, giving the relativistic, ECE2 covariant, orbit. From previous work in the UFT series it is known that they will give a precessing orbit. After completing the baseline computation, the equations are transformed into the frame (r, phi’) where phi’ = phi + omega sub 1 t. This process defines the spin connection and the vacuum force due to frame rotation. Eqs. (44) and (45) can be solved using the integrator program developed by co author Horst Eckardt.


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