Note 414(4) : Precise Agreement between Kinematic and Lagrangian Methods

This note shows that the universal equations for relativistic, shrinking and precessing orbits can be derived from the kinematic and lagrangian methods giving exact agreement and producing Eqs. (53) and (54) for numerical integration. The ECE2 theory has been multiply cross checked in hundreds of ways, and is the perfect theory, based directly on Cartan geometry. This is transformed into physics with a few simple hypotheses that do not change the Cartan geometry. ECE2 removes all anthropomorphism, including the Heisenberg indeterminacy, and has been tested against experimental data in hundreds of different ways. It has found and corrected many flaws in the obsolete standard physics and has a huge readership of three million hits a year, including readers in all the best universities in the world. The scientometrics show this conclusively. Any valid criticism of ECE2 must be a criticism of Cartan geometry, which is the same now as a century ago.


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